One Piece Ultra Deck -THE THREE CAPTAINS- ST10 [ENG] Preorder

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One Piece ST10 Preorder
Deadline für Preorder: 08/06/2023

Release: 10.11.2023
Voraussichtlicher Versandtermin: 10.11.2023

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Luffy, Law, Kid: The three captains are all here!
The three captains bring with them many members of their crews, including Zoro and Killer! These powerful pirates are ready to support their captains in battle!

The first red-purple constructed deck in the series!
This aggro deck features a well-balanced mix of effects that K.O. Characters and effects that add DON!! cards! Its powerful build can quickly produce results in competitive matches!

Unbeatable features earn this deck its ULTRA status!
Including all holo cards (8 types with holo and texture foiling, and 11 types with holo)! Use the interchangeable Leader cards to mix up your battle style! Try out different strategies and find the Leader that works for you!

– Constructed Deck x51
– Promo Card x2
– DON!! Card x10
– Card Case x1
– Playsheet x1

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